Corporate Package – Suitable For Businesses, Companies & Organisations – £360 Inc VAT

Your Adoption will include:

  • 1x new wooden beehive installed in one of our apiaries
  • 1 x A4 Adoption Certificate
  • 24 x 127g (4.5oz) jars of delicious honey from your hive, delivered to your door at the end of the season
  • Access to our wholesale prices to buy more honey from your hive(s), which make excellent corporate gifts and can be branded for your company for an additional fee
  • You’ll get regular social media advertisement and updates (at least six) regarding your hive during the beekeeping season including photos and videos via our social media platforms
  • Bespoke plaque featuring your logo fixed to your hive
  • Price includes VAT
  • Your company logo will be uploaded to our website adopt a hive page
  • Plan is for 12 months

By Adopting a Hive with us you will:

  • Enhance your Corporate Sustainability ambitions & values
  • Make an immediate environmental impact
  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Support feeding the bees
  • Support with our pest management program
  • Support our Hive maintenance

Personal Package: Suitable For A Family Member Or A Special Person In Your Life – £300 inc VAT

Your Adoption will  include:

  • 1 x New wooden hive of honeybees installed in one of our local apiaries
  • A welcome letter
  • Adoption Certificate
  • 6 x 227g (8oz) of our delicious blossom honey, harvested from your hive(s) delivered to your door at the end of the season
  • A 90 minute “meet the bees experience” session at one of our local apiaries (up to a max of 6 individuals. Suitable for ages 10+. Must be accompanied by a responsible adult)
  • Plan is for 12 months
  • Price includes VAT




How can we help you?

Hive adoption by Somos Accountants

Terms & Conditions

We will contact you within a few days with a welcome email outlining the next steps to get your hive set up. ​Adopting a hive with Simply Beeutiful Honey does not confer any right of ownership to the beehive adopter. The honeybees, the hive and all the equipment remains the property of Simply Beeutiful Honey. By adopting a hive does not confer any right to access the land the upon which the adopted beehive is located and adopters have no access the land or the adopted beehive without the consent and presence of Simply Beeutiful Honey. The income received by Simply Beeutiful Honey from the Adopt a Hive Scheme helps secure the future of honeybees and helps with the upkeep of the bees. The money is not refundable as they will have been spent on the purchase of the hive, signage, bees and upkeep. Monies given to Simply Beeutiful Honey are donations to help the bees. The donation are required in advance of the period it is designed to cover. Any visitors to the hives must comply with Simply Beeutiful Honey instructions at all times.