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Honey produced in our hives in Lancashire and Merseyside

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Take a look at our delicious range of locally produced honey, made by our bees, filtered by us, loved by you!

Honey Of The Month

Take a look at our featured product of the month – Pollen!

Bee pollen contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids and protein.

It comes from the pollen that collects on the bodies of bees as they fly from one flower to another.

50g packet. £5

About Simply Beeutiful Honey

Welcome to SBH, we are Stu and Vicky. Simply Beeutiful is a devoted honey company.

We care deeply about our bees and increasing bee numbers for our environment. We not only produce amazing tasting, pure honey varieties for you, but also pollinate agricultural and horticultural crops.

You can help by ‘Adopting a hive‘ and do your part.

Our Story, how it BEEgan. Back in 2019 our beekeeping journey started. Since then we have expanded from one Nuc to 200 production colonies, which are sited in a number of locations within Lancashire and Merseyside.

As our hive numbers continue to grow, so does our passion for the bees, increasing bee population one hive at a time. Sharing our knowledge of beekeeping and how bees help the environment are all part of our work.
We have a dedicated YouTube channel that documents our journey providing an insight on being a commercial beekeeper (and how Stu regularly gets the truck stuck in the mud!!).
We also provide educational talks to schools, corporate businesses and organisations.